The Film


Our film begins with a quote:

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”  ~ Henry Ford


After the quote there is a bomb. A baby is killed in the bombing and she is the daughter of a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman. They met at a peace camp 15 years earlier. The bomb blows their relationship apart. It blows their family apart. This is the journey about them finding each other again and finding forgiveness and discovering something they learned at camp that becomes the catalyst for peace not only in their world but maybe even in the world at large.

The Story

Sara Salinger is an average Israeli teen, and her lifestyle is typical of teens around the world. But when she turns sixteen, she spends an amazing—and life-changing—three weeks during the summer with fifteen other high schoolers at a peace camp in the United States. The caveat: half of the campers are native Palestinians and half are Israeli citizens.


We are supposed to hate each other. The sentiment runs through the minds of each camper. 

However, Sara finds true friendship, true community and true love during that extraordinary three weeks. How does she take what she learned and share it with her friends and family back home? Can her thoughts of peace really change her world…and the world at large? After a devastating tragedy strikes her as an adult, what will her commitment to peace and understanding cost her? 

An inspiring story of understanding humanity and finding peace in the midst of calamity, The Friendship Pod Affair, will leave you believing in the possibilities for a better tomorrow. 

Based on the book, Peace Train, A Love Story, written by Renée Mollan Masters.